Discontinued, Sold Out!

This figure is made by Aces of Iron Productions Inc. for use in 1/4 scale RC aircraft. This design has been discontinued. 

This dashing baron sports a Richthoffen style fur coat to ward off the -20C extremes 10,000 ft over the Western Front and comes wearing circular goggles, silk scarf and regulation German pilot's cap. This pilot is the perfect complement for that triplane you've been flying all these years with a ratty old antenna ball pilot. 

Detailed design information is provided below. If you are unsure of what scale your WW1 kit is click here

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Scale Part Number A B C Weight Status
1/4 AOIW1GR314  5.5" 5.25" 3.0" 2.5 oz Sold Out!

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Painting the Figure



The Figure Is Shipped Unpainted

You can create your own masterpiece. The Aces of Iron Website Provides step-by-step instructions on painting Flesh, Leather, Eyes, Goggles, etc. The following color guide can be printed and used for reference.


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