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Basics of Figure Painting (Continued)

By Michael Johnson


The following is a very basic process for painting Goggles.





Enamel Paint Colors Used

  • Flat Burnt Sierra, Model Master 2007

  • Flat Black, Model Master 1749 

  • Flat Sand, Model Master 1706

  • Steel, Model Master 1780

  • Testors "Dullcote" spray paint

Oil Paints

  • Small tube of artist oil "Raw Umber" 

  • Small tube of artist oil "Cadmium Red"




  • Small detail brush- Sable Hair or soft bristle

  • Turpentine

  • Five Minute Epoxy

Part V: Goggles 

Goggles Step 1 Step 1 (Base) - Paint the entire leather areas as described in the leather section.  Paint the base of the lens with the same mid tone base color of the object the lens is covering (Here it is over leather so it is painted with burnt sienna). Paint the base of all metal parts and the goggle strap with flat black and allow paint to dry completely.
Goggles Step 2 Step 2 (Lens Shadows) - Paint a line around the inside edges of the lenses with raw umber. Make the lines thicker towards the outer edges where the lens is out farther from the helmet. These shadows will create the illusion of depth behind the lenses.  
Goggles Step 3 Step 3 (Lens Shadows, Blending) Use the detail brush to gently draw the raw umber paint from the edges towards the center of the lens to blend the layer. Oils are translucent  and a thick layer towards the edges with a thin layer towards the center will give the lens depth. 
Goggles Step 4  Step 4 (Lens Highlights)- Paint some cadmium red in the center of the lens.  
Goggles Step 5 Step 5 (Lens Highlights, Blending) - Use the detail brush to gently draw the cadmium paint from the center towards the edges of the lens to blend the layer. The paint should be thick layer towards the center with a thin layer towards the edge of the lens. 
Goggle Step 6 Step 6 (Dullcote) - Re-apply flat black to the metal edges around the lenses and spray the whole sculpture with dullcote to blend and seal.
Goggles Step 7 Step 7 (Strap Highlights) - Use the sand color and "Dry brush" the color to the raised areas of the goggle straps. Dry brushing is a process of first wiping most of the paint from the brush then gently dragging the brush over the surface of paint area. The paint will adhere to the raised areas and will not seep into the deep areas. 
Goggles Step 8 Step 8 (Metal Highlights) - Use the steel color and "Dry brush" the color to the metal parts of the goggles. 
Goggles Step 9 Step 9 (Epoxy) - Mix equal parts (small amount) of five minute epoxy taking care not to mix in air bubbles. Use a small applicator (I use a Q-tip with the cotton cut off) to apply a thick layer of the epoxy to one of the lenses. Keep the lens level as the epoxy cures so the layer remains uniform over the lens.  When the epoxy is fully cured, repeat the process for the other lens. This is the final touch that will really create the high gloss effect and will accentuate the depth behind the lens.

Multiple Views of Completed Figure

Goggles View aGoggles View bGoggles View cGoggles View d

Goggles View eGoggles View fGoggles View gGoggles View h

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