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Basics of Figure Painting (Continued)

By Michael Johnson


The following is a very basic process for painting eye brows.





Enamel Paint Colors Used

  • Flat Burnt Sierra, Model Master 2007

  • Flat White, Model Master 1768 

  • Flat Gelb (Yellow) RLM 04, Model Master 2072

  • Flat Raw Umber, Model Master 2006

  • Testors "Dullcote" spray paint



  • Small detail brush- Sable Hair or soft bristle

  • Turpentine

Part III: Eye Brows 

Eye Brow Step 1

Step 1 (Base) - Paint the eye brow area with a wash of burnt sienna and turpentine. The wash should be applied only in the brow area and paint should settle in the deep recesses of the sculpture.

Eye Brow Step 2

Step 2 (Mid Highlights) - Mix (3) parts flat white to (1) part Gelb (Yellow) for blonde highlights. "Dry brush" the color to the raised areas of the eyebrows. Dry brushing is a process of first wiping most of the paint from the brush then gently dragging the brush over the surface of paint area. The paint will adhere to the raised areas and will not seep into the deep areas. 

Eye Brow Step 3

Step 3 (Dark Shadow Wash) - Thin the raw umber with turpentine to create a very light wash. Wash the eyebrows with the mixture.  

Eye Brow Step 4

Step 4 (Final Highlight) -  

White (Shown for best contrast)- Dry brush flat white using stiff brush

Blonde - Mix (5) parts flat white to (1) part Gelb (Yellow) then Dry Brush.

Brunette- Dry brush flat brown using stiff brush

Black- Dry brush flat black using stiff brush


Eye Brow Step 5

Step 5 (Dullcote) - Spray the whole sculpture with dullcote to blend and seal.

Multiple Views of Completed Figure

Eye Brow View aEye Brow view bEye Brow View c


Continue to Part 4, Leather:


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