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One of four Allied style aviators created for the "Dawn Patrol" series for High Flight Magazine by Aces of Iron Productions.  Typical Allied fighter pilot straining to see over the cowl, this guy was originally made to fit in the Balsa USA Nieuport 28.  This pilot ready to patrol the front with his thick canvas coat dashing good looks.  

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Scale Part Number A B C Weight Price Status
1/4 AOIW1DP114  5.2" 4.5" 3.25" 2.5 oz $29.95 Sold Out

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Painting the Figure



The Figure Is Shipped Unpainted

You can create your own masterpiece. The Aces of Iron Website Provides step-by-step instructions on painting Flesh, Leather, Eyes, Goggles, etc. The following color guide can be printed and used for reference.


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