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Here is where we will post photos of your creations. Send in your photos of your finished pilot either alone or in his mount or in flight. Send your submissions to We'll make you famous!

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here is a photo of my "acesofiron"-crew:
two German pilots for a Fokker DVII and a Fokker DVIII, the RFC-Pilot is for a SE5a and teh 1/3 Pilot will take place in a Bücker 131 "Jungmeister".

Best regards

Dieter Fritsche,
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I just Finished Painting My Pilot this Morning (The Paint Is still sticky) I Used some of the Methods from your Painting tips section and It really helped! I dont think It would Have looked very good if it Was'nt for the tips! I think that Layering the Color and the Dry Brushing Techniques are what really make it look great. I think the one you have looks better than mine, but I did stray a bit from the process you used. Also I opted to use only Testors Enamel and Acrylic Model Paint that I had on Hand. I think that the use of oil Paint would have been better and easier for Blending Colors, But you can Paint it the way I did and still get a pretty good result. I'm going to put this Guy in my 1/3 Scale Sopwith Pup. I will try to post a picture of Him installed as soon as I can! Thanks a Bunch! I love your Pilots. Pat Rogers 

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