Here is where we will post photos of your creations. Send in your photos of your finished pilot either alone or in his mount or in flight. Send your submissions to We'll make you famous! These first few are shots of my figure.

These next few photos are from Dan Duna from Newport News, VA. Dan's Figure shows some excellent airbrush effects.
Rick Pooler sent in the following pics and writes:

Here are some photos of my Japanese pilot, I thought you might like. I did a little bit of plastic surgery on him to give him a bit more Japanese look. I used Bondo and files/sandpaper for the work. I lifted his nose and made it a little wider, gave him some high cheek bones and took a little roundness out of the eyes. I will be sending a couple e-mails with photos. Photography is by Bill Vriezelaar. 

Thanks much, Rick Pooler, Yuba City Ca.

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